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Educational Shares 

An ongoing series of informational entries

Stay Tuned 

June 2, 2019

I will be posting here more often - just starting another page - that I will be using to provide educational shares and links to helpful information for those who navigate through my site and find me here!



June 1, 2019

As a business owner and mental health professional, I love a sunset as my logo photo.  They help seal a day.  They can take our breath away.  They distract us from the 'ugly' of the day.  Viewing a magnificent sunset just gives me joy every time I look -even more so when there is 'God Light' beams shining through or a magenta saturation.   They are God's painting every evening, letting us know there is something bigger than us - humbling us - and getting us to stop and say 'wow'.     It's the moments in life that get us through the days. 

Enjoy today's sunset!



June 6, 2019

I'm going to keep this short.  I love this image because it speaks loudly about so many life experiences!     Mazes can be overwhelming and frustrating but they always 'work out' - there's always an exit.    We may have moments, days, weeks when life is in the fast lane, hits a wall or you just feel lost.   

That's where counseling is a great support to have in place.

Having a counselor coaching, encouraging, educating, and empowering you through the challenges is invaluable to getting through with less distress, damages and inter-dynamics with others as life plays hardball.  

Contact me today - let's get started with creating a life you're enjoying - a life you're proud of and a life you are thriving in.